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License Requirements / Age Category

I don't have either JCF license or UCI license. Can I participate in the Niseko Classic?

You can participate in Niseko Classic without JCF and UCI license.

We don't require any license to register Niseko Classic. We are welcome your entry!

However, if you finish within top 25% and wish to participate in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, you will need to register UCI license. Regarding UCI license, please inquire a cycling federation in your country.

I'm 39 years old now and will become 40 years old this year. Which catogory should I register, AGE 35~39 or AGE 40~44? 

The age category is determined by the age you will be turning this year (2024).
You are turning 40 years old this year (2024), so your age category will be AGE 40~44.


What transportaions are available to get to Niseko from the New Chitose International Airport and how long does it take?

It takes 2.5 hours to travel to Niseko by car from the New Chitose Airport. (Approx 110 km). The easiest way to get to Niseko is by JR Train or by Rent a Car. Please click here for more details.

What is the location of the main venue in Niseko?

The main event area is at Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Area, in the Hirafu area of Kutchan Town. Please click here to view map.

Is there a parking log near the registrations area? Is there anywhere to stay overnight in the car?

There are FREE parking lots around the main venue.

Parking lot MAP HERE.

*Staff parking lot is not available for participants.
*Each parking lot has limited numbers of space.
*Every parking lot is non-reservable.
*Street parking in prohibitted.

I have entered in the race, however I still have not received an exchange certificate for the Race Number ?

Niseko Classic does not operate an exchange certificate system for collecting Race Numbers. Instead, we are using QR code system. QR code will be published to you. To receive your Race Number, please have QR code ready on your device or bring a printed copy to the main event venue.

Can you explain the registration process and where and what time, I need to be at the different places?

The Registration process is outlined below.
*Please note that the process below might change.

  1. Check the communications board online
  2. Collect your T-shirts *License Control will be operated online in advance (National License Required if you have)
  3. Tell the staff at the counter for each category your full name and pick up your starter pack. Please bring suitable ID and a copy of your National Insurance Card or Insurance policy. Copying services are available at the counter)
  4. Receive your official event T-shirt
  5. Welcome Event - Socialize with fellow riders and members of the local community and try some local food and entertainment at the sponsor/local vendors tent area

Contents of the starter pack:

  • Race Number
  • Safety pins
  • Bike number
  • Nylon cable tie
  • Transponder
  • Transponder instructions
  • Name tag for your personal items
  • Bicycle name tag, for entrants in the 85km race ONLY
I can arrive in Niseko on Saturday June 15th, but I can not make it in time for the registrations, what should I do?

Registrations will take place from 12:00 to 18:00 on Friday June 14 and from 9:00am to 16:00 on June 15. If, for any reason, you can not make it between these times, please email us([email protected]).

Can my friend register on my behalf?

Yes, however you must give the person completing your registration on your behalf a copy of your insurance policy and your ID, these must be passed to the staff in order to complete the registration process.

Where is the rider's meeting held on June 14th (Friday)?

The Riders Meeting will be held online on the Niseko Classic Official YouTube Channel starting at 16:00.
All riders must attend this e-meeting.

I will not be able to make it in time for the Riders Meeting on June 14th, can I be excused?

All riders are obligated to attend the riders meeting. If you have a good and valid reason for not being able to attend please inform the Niseko Classic Organizer, and there are no penalties if you can’t attend the meeting.

For 2024 event, riders meeting is held on online using Niseko Classic official Youtube channel.

Is there a bike check required?

There is no bike check, however there may be a check for top place getters, that their bikes weigh in under 6.8 kg.

Is it OK to fit a bike repair kit to my bike?

To avoid the risk of injury in case of a fall, please remove accessories such as mirrors, bags, and mudguards."

Is it OK to use a helmet that is not JCF compliant?

No, it can not be used. Please ensure to use a JCF, UCI approved helmet. If you are unsure, check with the JCF website.

I would like to watch the race and cheer up the riders, where should I go?

If you are on the sidewalk, it's okay, but please be aware of road closures due to traffic regulations. Additionally, never enter the course during regulation periods.

It is extremely dangerous as bicycles will be passing through the course at high speeds.

The same applies immediately before the regulations start. Pre-positioning within the course, where complete road closure is expected, is strictly prohibited.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the overall safety of the event.
Please cheer for the athletes from safe locations. Thank you!

I finished in 25% of my age category, how can I register for the World Championships?

An invitation letter will be sent from UCI to your email address automatically after the qualifier race.

Road Races

Can I register on June 16th(Sun)? (the day of the Road Race)

NO, strictly no registrations can be processed on the day of Road Race Day.

Is there somewhere to store my personal items before I start the race?

Yes there is. A baggage cloak tent is set up at the start venue of each race, feel free to use this. (We do not accept valuables).

Does the individual entering the race need to be present in person to sign on?

Yes, the individual needs to sign that they are starting in the race in person. If a signature is not the individuals signature, they will be disqualified.

[80km race] I am competing in the 80 km road race and would like to hand my bike over for the race on June 15th(Saturday), is it possible?

There is a tent at the Main event venur that is marked “80 km Race Bike check-in Tent”. this tent will operate until 16:00 on June 15th (Saturday).
When you hand you bike over to the staff at the tent you the following items are required. Please remove GPS, Computer and speedometers, cameras and all other accessories from your bike. Please attach your name tag to your bike by yourself and hand your bike to the staff at the counter. Make sure you keep your receipt for your bike in a safe place, you will be required to hand this over on race day in order to get your bike.

[80km race] Is there transport to the starting area of the 80km race?

Yes, there is a shuttle bus leaving from the Main Event Venue to the 80km race area on June 16 (Sun), the race day.
Please check the schedule on official brochure for the shuttle bus time.

  • This service is limited to entrants that have stipulated they will be using the service at time of registration.
  • Only race entrants will be able to ride this shuttle service to the start venue. (Supporters and family items can not use this service)
  • The shuttle bus will arrive at Rankoshi general gymnasium where you can pick your bike. Please ride your bike to the start area (Rankoshi Town Hall) (approx. 2km)
[80km race] Is the start point for the 80 km race a long way from the registration venue( Niseko Grand Hirafu main venue)?

It is about 23km away from the Main event venue ( registration venue). You can take the shuttle bus leaving from the main event venue on the race day or ride your own bike and come on your own as a warm-up.

[80km race] Is there a car parking lot close to the 80km start point ?

Yes, there is a carpark available at the start point but the closest carpark is approximately 10 minutes walk from the start point for the race.

Please use Rankoshi Ran Ran park to park your car.

**Please note that the carparks have limited slots of availability.

Is there a bike inspection?

Basically not. However if the commissaires judges to operate a bike inspection, please cooperate.