Q. Can you explain the registration process and where and what time, I need to be at the different places?

A. The Registration process is outlined below. Please note that the process below might change.

Where Registration Process Notes
Registrations are at
Main Venue
CHECK the communications board
Main Venue License Control License Required
Main Venue Collect your Welcome package
Main Venue Tell the staff at the counter for each category your full name and pick up your starter pack. Please bring suitable ID and a copy of your National Insurance Card or Insurance policy
(Copying services are available at the counter)
Main Venue Receive your official event T-shirt
Main Venue Welcome   Event Socialize with fellow riders and members of the local community and try some local foods and entertainment at the sponsor/local vendors tent area。

Contents of the starter pack;
1. Race Number
2. Safety pins
3. Bike number
4. Nylon cable tie
5. Transponder
6. Number Apron and transponder instructions
7. Name tag for your personal items
8. Bicycle name tag, for entrants in the 70km race ONLY
9. Beer Ticket

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