Time Trial Race

Race Registration open 15 Jan. 12noon

All info below as of 15 Jan. 2019
Details are subject to change without prior notice.



About 13km course with views of Mt.Yotei located in Kutchan town.
*Course details will be announced soon.

◆Race Dates

  Friday, 05 July 2019 
– Race Registration
– Licence Control

  Saturday, 06 July 2019 
– Time Trial Race
– Race Registration
– Starting Ceremony, Riders Brief
– Time Trail Race
– Awards Ceremony
– Niseko Classic Festival

  Sunday, 07 July 2019 
– Niseko Classic Festival


Men and Women age 16 and over.

Men and Women age 16 and over.

※Participants are classified according to the year of birth.
※For the UGFWS, participants are required compete on the designated race and age class.All women or men aged 18 or under is not eligible for the UGFWS.

※ Below riders is not eligible to enter the race;
① All riders who are part of a UCI trade team in 2019.
② All riders who have taken part in the World Championship, the Olympic Games, Continental Championship or Games, Regional Games, the Commonwealth Games, or the World Cup in 2019.
③ All riders with UCI points in any discipline.

◆Race Rules

Individual Time trial.
Start every 30 seconds.

◆Race Entry

From: 15 January 2019
To:  7 June 2019

Race entry will close once entries reach maximum number.
Time Trial … 300 entries
Road Race … 1200 entries

◆Race Entry Fee

7,000 yen
(2,000yen discount for those entering Road race and Time trial)

* Entry fee is non-refundable.

◆Course MAP

◆Race / Awards Classification

1.) UCI Gran Fondo World Series
age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49 / age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+

age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49 / age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+

※Top 3 riders from each age category will be awarded.
※Top 25% finisher from each age category will qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo world Championships Time Trial.

2.) Non-UCI Gran Fondo category
High schooler

High schooler


◆Race numbers

Bib, number plates, and timing chip will be handed over at the registration desk. Please identify yourself with your name and race category. These items will not be mailed.Please note that, if you are not able to clear the license-control or bike inspection, your entry is invalid.


Friday, 05 July 2019

Main venue – Niseko Grand Hirafu
– Race Registration

Saturday, 06 July 2019 

Time Trial venue  – Shiribeshi Subprefectual Bureau
-Race Registration
-Opening Ceremony

Riders must move to Time Trial start venue on your own

Time Trial start venue – Kutchan feild course
-Time Trial Race start
Riders must move to Time Trial venue on your own

Time Trial venue – Shiribeshi Subprefectual Bureau

-Time Trial Awards Ceremony

Sunday, 07 July 2019 
Main venue – Niseko Grand Hirafu
-Niseko Classic Festival


  1. Date : 5 July(Fri) 12:00 noon – 16:00pm / 6 July (Sat) 5:00am – 5:30am
  2. Location : Niseko Classic main venue / Niseko Classic Time trial venue
  3. Procedure of registration and license-control
    – Please show your national license card(if you have one)at the registration desk.
    – Receive race items(race numbers, plates, timing chip etc,) from the staff.
    *Please note that race items will not be mailed in advance.
    *If you may not make it within the registration time, please contact the head office in advance.
    *If you are willing someone to register on your behalf, you must give the person completing your registration on your behalf a copy of your insurance policy and your ID,

◆Welcome package / T shirt

After the license-control and registration, please receive welcome package and event t shirt.


  1. Upon registration, please bring your Health Insurance Card (copy acceptable).
  2. If you hold a license of your national cycling federation, please bring it with you to the registration.

◆UCI qualifier category

Please note that rider of age 18 and under, cannot qualifier for the UGFWS.


Riders must attach the transponder( timing chip) to their bike before start. Riders without tiimng chip are not alowed to start.

◆Opening Ceremony

  1. Date : 6 July (Sat) 5:30am – 5:45am
  2. Location : Kutchan town / Time Trial venue(Temporary)
  3. Opening Ceremony will start from 5:30. After the ceremony, please move to the start area on your own.

◆Transportation to start area

After the Opening ceremony, each rider must move to the start area on their own and arrive at the area at least 15 minutes before its start time.

◆Bike inspection

After arriving to start area, riders must go through a bike inspection. Please note that after the inspection, riders will not be able to leave the start area.


After the sign-in, riders shall move to start grid and wait for the start. When rider in front of you started, please move to the start line under the order of commissaries. Riders start in intervals of 30 seconds.


Any accident during the race, please call Niseko Classic head office(+81 136 55 6081). Event doctor will arrive immediately.

◆After finish

Please follow the order of staff and move to the main venue for the ensure the safe.

◆Awards ceremony

  1. Date : 6 July (Sat) 12:00 noon ~
  2. location : Kutchan / Time Trial venue
  3. Top three riders from each category will be awarded. Please wear race wears when going on podium.


  1. Date : 6 July (Sat)
  2. Location : Kutchan / Time Trial venue
  3. Results will be displayed on communique board at the venue after the race and also on the website.

For more Time Trial race rules and Information, please click HERE