The 5th Niseko Classic


Boasting closed roads, clean air and beautiful vistas, the 2018 Niseko Classic is set for July 7 and 8.

Come join the weekend of cycling fun, with riders, families and friends all invited to join the before and after events, including talk shows, live music performances, cycle gear shops and giveaways, with plenty of great food and drink!

The 140km road race course includes 2,362m of vertical, with the 70km race offering a challenging 1,125m of climbing. Both races finish in the Niseko Hirafu Resort – including KOM and Sprint challenges, there are prizes for all age categories, with mechanical support / product demo available during race weekend.
The 140km and 70km races are official UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifier events, and are supervised by the Japan Cycling Federation.
Your road to the beautiful city of Varese (Italy), the host city of 2018 Gran Fondo World Championships begins in Niseko!

For details of each race please see;
140km road race
70km road race
Time Trial Race


Race Dates

  Friday, 06 July 2018 
– Race Registration
– Licence Control

  Saturday, 07 July 2018 
Time Trial Race
Race Registration
Starting Ceremony, Riders Brief
Time Trail Race
Awards Ceremony

70km & 140km Road Race
Race Registration
Licence Control
Riders Meeting
70km Race / Bike drop-off
Niseko Classic Festival

  Sunday, 08 July 2018 
70km & 140km Road Race
Race day
Awards Ceremony
Niseko Classic Festival


– Time Trial Race
Men and Women age 16 and over.

– 140km & 70km Road Race
Men and Women age 16 and over.
Participants are classified according to the year of birth.
( For the UGFWS, participants are required compete on the designated race and age class.
All women or men aged 18 or under is not eligible for the UGFWS.)

※ Below riders is not eligible to enter the race;
① All riders who are part of a UCI trade team in 2018.
② All riders who have taken part in the World Championship, the Olympic Games, Continental Championship or Games, Regional Games, the Commonwealth Games, or the World Cup in 2018.
③ All riders with UCI points in any discipline.

Race Rules

– Time Trial Race
Time trial.
Start every 30 seconds.

– 140km & 70km Road Race
Individual Road Race  140km / 70km road race
ç Multiple checkpoints will be set with time restrictions.


– Time Trial Race
1.) Mens Race (age 16 – 65)
2.) Womens Race (age 16 – 65)

– 140km Road Race
1.) UCI Gran Fondo World Series … Men age 19 – 49
2.) Non Gran Fondo category …. Men age 50 and above, Men age 18 and under, all women
– 70km Road Race
1.) UCI Gran Fondo World Series … Men age 50 and above, Women age 19 and above
2.) Non Gran Fondo category …. Men age 49 and under, Women age 18 and under


– Time Trial Race
Men … High School / age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49 / age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+
Women … High School / age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49 / age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+

– 140km Road Race
1.) UCI Gran Fondo World Series … Men age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49
2.) Non Gran Fondo Category … Men age 50+, All Women, Men age 18 and under

– 70km Road Race
1.) UCI Gran Fondo World Series … Women age 19 – 34 / age 35 – 39 / age 40 – 44 / age 45 – 49 / age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+
Men age 50 – 54 / age 55 – 59 / age 60 – 64 / age 65+
2.) Non Gran Fondo Category … Men age 49 and under, Women age 18 and under

Race Entry Fee

– Time Trial Race … 4,000 yen (1,000 yen discount for those signing-up for both Time Trial and Road Race)

– 140km Road Race … 14,000 yen (1,000 yen discount for those with JCF License)

– 70 km Road Race … 12,000 yen (1,000 yen discount for those with JCF License)

* Entry fee is non-refundable.
Race Entry 

From 15 December 2017, To 10 June 2018
Race entry will be closed once entry reach maximum number (Time Trial … 200 participants / Road Race … 1000 participants)


Niseko Classic Management Office
Attn: Mr. Maeda, Hokkaido Events Corporation
126-2 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun
Hokkaido 044-0081, JAPAN
TEL: +81-136-55-6081


  • This race will be held under the regulations of the Union Cycliste international (UCI).
  • Participants must wear an approved helmet that meets safety standards of his/her country.
  • All the equipment (especially wheels) that is used in the race must be in the accordance with the UCI and JFC regulations.
  • Usage of extension bars are forbidden and bikes weighed less than 6.8kg is automatically disqualified.
  • Bikes, used in the race must be “road bike”. A time trial bike is not allowed.
  • The bike used for the Time Trial shall be the same bike as used for the  140km & 70km Road Race. The following equipment is not allowed: time trial bars, disc wheels, time trial specific frame.
  • All participants that are born on or after January 1, 1999 are subject to have a gear ratio of 7.93 or less.
  • For the road race, participants who fell behind each check point’s cut off time are automatically disqualified.
  • A transponder is used to track the time of the race.

Other Notes

  1. Upon registration, please bring your Health Insurance Card (copy acceptable).
  2. For competition registrant, license-control will be held at the reception. Please present your national license card at the license-control.
  3. It is mandatory for all participants to attend the riders meeting on the 8th.
  4. News and other information are updated on the website and communiques board, installed at the venue.
  5. Bib, number plates, and timing chip will be handed over at the registration desk. Please identify yourself with your name and race category. These items will not be mailed.Please note that, if you are not able to clear the license-control or bike inspection, your entry is invalid.Please attach the timing chip to your bike before you start the race. Participants that did not comply with the setup is not allowed to start the race.
  6. If a substituted rider or any other form of frauds are witnessed, a participant is banned from the entry of Niseko Classic with an indefinite term.
  7. Medical team will provide a temporary first-aid treatment for injuries caused by accidents during the race. An extensive treatment will not be provided by them. Upon finishing the race, each participant is suggested to make a visit to a hospital.
  8. The race is carried out on public roads. Riders are obliged to follow the organizer’s instruction. Those who act against are disqualified and expelled from the race immediately.
  9. participants who have decided to suspend the race should report to officials, committee members and security immediately.
  10. Prior to the race, all participants are required to sign-up within the designate time at the designated place. For signing-up at undesignated time, a penalty is imposed. After the start of the race, no further sign-up is accepted.
  11. Please attach the timing chip to your bike during the race and immediately return it to Timing Chip Return set in the village after you finish. Damaging your chip or failure to return incurs 10,000JPY penalty as its replacement cost.
  12. The organizer holds rights to use participants’ pictures, names, addresses, age or race careers in general advertising tools, press release and information media related to the event.
    Additionally, please note that they will be also used in publications, video or other media format created by the organizer.
  13. To all participants and spectators: Active camera devices (EX: GoPro) must be placed i) firmly ii) locations where it won’t contact with a body (EX: under the handle bar) to avoid injuries. An operation of drone above the race road is prohibited.

If you have questions on the registration – please contact Sports Entry or the Organizer.

Other Event Special Rules

  • If the number of participants reaches the maximum number regulated by the JCF, participants will be divided into separate groups at the start.
  • Feed zone for 140km race is at Yoshikuni Natural Park – 72km point. Details for 2018 race to be announced.
  • Feed zone is allocated at 53km/123km checkpoint – Kogane Onsen – for 70km/140 km races. Details for 2018 race to be announced.

Race Organizer

Hokkaido Events Corporation

Race Management

Japan Cycling Federation / Hokkaido Cycling Federation / Niseko Classic Executive Committee

Race Supporters

Hokkaido Government / Shiribeshi General Subprefectural Bureau
Kutchan Town / Kyowa Town /Rankoshi Town / Niseko Town
Liaison Council of the Niseko Mountain Range
Otaru Developmentand Construction Department
Scenic Byway Hokkaido Shikotsu-Toya-Niseko Route / Kutchan Tourism Association
Kyowa Tourism Association / Rankoshi Tourism Association
Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co., Ltd / Niseko Promotion Board
Junior Chamber International Kutchan / Kutchan Lions Club
Rotary Club of Kutchan
Tokyu Resort Service / Nihon Harmony Resorts
Kutchan Traffic Safety Association / Kutchan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kutchan Athletic Association / WAO Rediscovering Niseko Yotei
Hokkaido Shimbun Newspaper Kutchan Office
JA Kutchan Kosei General Hospital

Race Cooperation

Tour de Hokkaido Association / Sapporo Cycling Federation
Yotei Sanroku Fire Department / Otaru Construction Management Bureau

Race Championship Sponsor

To be confirmed

Race Sponsors

To be confirmed

Race Location

Niseko Area (Kutchan Town, Kyowa Town, Rankoshi Town, Niseko Town)