Niseko at a Glance

What image do you have in this word.
Powder snow? Property investment? Aussie town?
All that is somewhat true, but there’s much more to this area…

Niseko, is a name of a town with approx. 5000 population.
But the term is more used to describe the entire area that stretches
at the footsteps of Mt.Yotei and Mt.Annupuri.

Mt.Yotei, with a nick name of “Ezo (Hokkaido) Fuji” and Mt.Annupuri,
where the ski resorts are located, are the two prime landmarks of this area.
Views of Sea of Japan from the peak of the mountain.
Vast and rich farmland gives birth to fresh dairy and various crops.
Snow transforms to water and flow into clear rivers.
These are the scenery you see in Niseko,
and these are the scenery that local residents love and respect.

Japan is a country of four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
However, in Niseko, the 12 months are not split in equal amongst the four seasons.

Mid October, is when we, the locals put on Winter tires to our cars
and these tires will not be taken off till mid May.
For this 6-months, guests from all over the world visit Niseko
to have fun with world famous “Japow.”

By the time when everyone in mainland Japan start to wear short-sleeves in May,
it’s about time for Niseko residents to start to feel Spring.
Baby leaves start to show it’s faces on trees and various colors
are added to pure white snow.

June. The stressful “Tsuyu” season, the rainy period, comes upon Japan
and most of mainland Japan is covered with grey clouds and drops of rain.
Whilst in Hokkaido, we are blessed with warm sunshine.

July, I have friends in Tokyo start to say “it’s too hot here that no outdoor training is possible after 6.00am.”
Here in Hokkado, you can spend 24-hours outdoor and possibly not feel “hot” during the whole time.
From dusk till dawn, Hokkaido will embrace you in it’s comfortable arms.
Road bikes to mountain biking, and leisurely cycling.
Trail running or a casual hike.
Camp with friends and family by the lake.
Fruit and veggies harvest.
Most variety of “fun” in the area takes place in this July to August months.

Niseko Classic, the dates are the first weekend of July.
Why not explore the variety of “fun” that this land land has to offer?

… enough words.
Have a look at how Summer in Niseko is like.
I’m sure you’ll extend your stay here after seeing this;