Masahiko Mifune×Niseko Classic #1: Self-introduction

Hi I’m Masahiko Mifune. I’m proud to take part in Niseko Classic as a guest rider. As a pro rider, I was active in Belgium until 2002, and continued through 2008 in Japan. After my retirement as a pro rider, I have been enjoying riding bikes in Brevet cycling.

Niseko Classic is now known as one of UCI Gran Fondo World Series official races. With the status and an attraction of global riders – whoever conquers the race is to acquire an ‘arc-en-ciel jersey’ (Rainbow jersey).

Perhaps, I won’t be able to ride as everyone expect – like in my pro days -. But I can say that I will try my best to compete with you, and also myself. There is certainly a decade of gap, so I will be training and agitate myself towards the race.

Through Niseko Classic Facebook page, I will be updating my secret training process, as well as giving advises for the race!

Let’s Conquer the mountains in 5 months!